Congratulations Louise on 1 million! 

You may be aware by the general theme of my blog as a whole that I am a massive and I mean massive fan of this beautiful woman, I’m proud to call myself a Sprinklerino and I always will be. This woman has taught me a lot of things that I feel like I can never thank her enough for, she has taught me how to love myself, how to be patient, how to let myself have fun, to let myself grow, that everyone makes mistakes, that no one has to be alone and that everyone deserves to happy (and that everyone can be happy). She is truly an inspiration to me, if ever I feel down I can watch any of her videos and I feel better, or sometimes even watching her less glittery (aka more personal) videos and then I can remind myself that even the strongest of people have their bad days and that is okay. 

I am so so so proud of her. I have watched her and her videos grow and her fan base grow and I can only see more success to come for her, because she is honestly enchanting. You can’t not light up when you watch her in videos. She deserves the world!

I really do love you, and congratulations again! From one of your elite sprinklerinos Miniver xxx

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